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Treat yourself to a little luxury for your vacation in this iconic Charentaise Cottage in the prestigious Grand Champagne town of Bourg-Charente. This beautifully appointed stone Maison looks directly across the Charente River to the Chateau Bourg, of Grand Marnier fame.

La Maison de Riviere is a perfect Special Occasion destination and Honeymoon hideaway, just steps away from the Michelin Starred restaurant, La Ribaudiere.

Whether your party is 2 or 6 people, you will be pleased that all the modern conveniences on the inside guarantee that most of your needs are taken care of.

If you are waiting for a LeBoat hire or if you have just finished a hire this house is ideally situated.

3km to Golf du Cognac.

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Cycling alongside the Charente River.jpg
All activities are on your doorstep: Swim, bike, kayak/boat, walk, Boulangerie (yes that is a thing!), sample the Cognac/Pineau des Charentes and so much more. You will love exploring your surroundings here and you just might not want to go anywhere at all.
Charente River Jarnac.jpg

As you sit on the terrace facing the river, with your morning coffee and Petit Dejeuner, you wonder why you didn’t do this a long time ago. Watching the world go by can be very relaxing and very time consuming at the same time. You have nothing better to do, right? Perhaps you could go for a walk along the river? You could also stand on the bridge and watch the water swirling and wave to the boaters as they pass beneath you, soaking up the sunshine as you enjoy your leisurely stroll. There really is nowhere that you have to BE.

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